Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Draft Rules for CCP Program

New draft rules for the CCP Program have also been proposed by the Administration.

The CCP program becomes Medicaid only.  Again this is done with no legislative oversight but rather by rules without ANY public debate or interaction with providers.

Also noteworthy is the establishment of an income level that was not there before. It is 100% of FPL that translates to $11,880 for an individual and $16,200 for a couple in 2016. 

Also noteworthy is that services provided to applicants during the application period has been eliminated thereby causing issues and may well invoke another law suit related to specific court decrees.

The administration is on the road to making the CCP program ineffective and forcing seniors to live their lives other places except their homes.  As we continue down this path there will be increased emergency room visits and other issues that ultimately will find them in nursing homes.  It is with hope that the Administration re-think their war on the seniors in the state

Draft Rules for the CRP Progam

With the draft rules for the Administration's Community Reinvestment Program sent out we need to look at it closely as to the effect it will have on the seniors in our care.

Most notably is the elimination of the wait list, however; that is basically replaced with the statement that if there is no budget or adequate appropriation or funds, seniors will not be served.  It is further convoluted with no providers in the area to serve this population, no service until the department can find someone.

Also noteworthy is the lack of protection for this senior population in that 'other' services will require no background checks or investigations or training in working with seniors. Individuals who have histories of abuse, neglect, fraud and other items such as sex offenders could and can provide services to the seniors of this population. 

It has added another level of beauracracy that takes money that should otherwise go to serve seniors to pay administrative fees for these entities.

If you have not read the draft rules you need to in order to know what effect this new program (being imposed with no legislative oversight but rather rules) will have on clients and seniors in Illinois.

Comments are welcome and discussion is welcome but keep it germane and in good taste

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

State of the State

State of the State

Will  you be watching the State of the State?  Let's discuss the overall theme and highlights of this speech later today

Monday, January 23, 2017

Welcome to the IACCPHP Blog : Welcome to the IACCPHP Blog : WELCOME


As the 100th General Assembly begins it's first week, it is important to pay particular attention to the activities that will begin with the Senate budget proposals.  There are 13 bills that comprise the Senate budget and it is an all or nothing prospect.  It will be important to watch how these bills transverse the Senate and watch the votes because once they reach the House there will be some issues that will be discussed and what happens then will be worth watching.

We have also earmarked several House and Senate bills that will be worth watching closely for our trade and also a couple of House resolutions. 

Of interest is the 32 Pension bills that are out there in the House and Senate combined.

There is still a lot of legislation to be proposed as it really hasn't even taken off  yet as it has in the past so stay tuned.

Couple this with the issues of non-Medicaid payment and now a possible slow down on payments by MCOs we have a perfect storm brewing.  Not to mention the AFSCME situation where the union will be taking a strike vote in the next couple of weeks or so.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Welcome to the IACCPHP Blog : WELCOME

As the legislature begins the process of submitting bills, we watch and learn where the emphasis may be.  it is important that we remember that the overriding issues for us is the payment for our work and that protection of the seniors in the State of Illinois.  At this time most of the bills filed relate to the issues that most plague the state - pensions and taxes.  The Senate has 11 bills on record that encompass it's idea of a balanced budget; however, these bills are all intertwined and without the passage of all the whole thing falls apart. 

What do you think is the overall point the state leaders need to take to make the state whole again and to protect the seniors and citizens of this state?