Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Draft Rules for CCP Program

New draft rules for the CCP Program have also been proposed by the Administration.

The CCP program becomes Medicaid only.  Again this is done with no legislative oversight but rather by rules without ANY public debate or interaction with providers.

Also noteworthy is the establishment of an income level that was not there before. It is 100% of FPL that translates to $11,880 for an individual and $16,200 for a couple in 2016. 

Also noteworthy is that services provided to applicants during the application period has been eliminated thereby causing issues and may well invoke another law suit related to specific court decrees.

The administration is on the road to making the CCP program ineffective and forcing seniors to live their lives other places except their homes.  As we continue down this path there will be increased emergency room visits and other issues that ultimately will find them in nursing homes.  It is with hope that the Administration re-think their war on the seniors in the state

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