Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Draft Rules for the CRP Progam

With the draft rules for the Administration's Community Reinvestment Program sent out we need to look at it closely as to the effect it will have on the seniors in our care.

Most notably is the elimination of the wait list, however; that is basically replaced with the statement that if there is no budget or adequate appropriation or funds, seniors will not be served.  It is further convoluted with no providers in the area to serve this population, no service until the department can find someone.

Also noteworthy is the lack of protection for this senior population in that 'other' services will require no background checks or investigations or training in working with seniors. Individuals who have histories of abuse, neglect, fraud and other items such as sex offenders could and can provide services to the seniors of this population. 

It has added another level of beauracracy that takes money that should otherwise go to serve seniors to pay administrative fees for these entities.

If you have not read the draft rules you need to in order to know what effect this new program (being imposed with no legislative oversight but rather rules) will have on clients and seniors in Illinois.

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